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Mens Shirts are the cornerstone of the Presidential brand. Desre Buirski designed her first mens shirt in the 1980s in the United States. Upon returning to South Africa, in recognition of the monumental achievements and sacrifices of Nelson Mandela, she offered him at first a shirt, and then her skills to help develop a personal style which continues to impact Africa and the world.

Presidential Shirt continues to stand for unsurpassed quality and impactful designs. Presidential shirts are luxury style statements worn by men of impact and influence: confident, striking and individual.

The style of the Mens Shirt has evolved since men projected uniformity and formality through a stiff collar, grey suit and plain tie. This evolution was in no small way influenced by Nelson Mandela and his designer Desre Buirski, founder of the Presidential Shirt brand of mens shirts.

To honour the Father of our Nation during this momentous year. Presidential has created a range of exquisite shirts. These limited edition styles feature unique and intricate gold detailing against a dark canvas. 


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